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About Kaltame

Hexagon has been persistently contributing towards superior health and nutrition of its valued consumers. It is our responsibility to bestow quality products and services and we have accomplished this by innovating good quality products, keeping in mind the requirements in today's world. Zero Calorie Sugar Substitute
Although lot of awareness has been generated about, "good health", "regular exercise", "balanced diet", people still tend to overlook these, amidst the busy schedule and stressful life.
There has been enormous research studies which conclude that stress, hypertension, over weight, heart problems and diabetes are very closely inter-related, i.e., one occurs in consequence of the other.
The concept of artificial sweetener/ sugar substitute is gaining a lot of popularity worldwide. This high degree of popularity makes it even more important and critical for people that they receive the right information and the right product in their hands.
The Hexagon family completely realizes its responsibility towards society and has therefore extended its helping hand by launching "KALTAME - A Zero Calorie Sugar Substitute". KalTame literally meaning taming the calories.
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