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Who says low calorie recipes are only about keeping the calories low?!

Whip up a delicious meal in seconds without having to worry about the piling up the calories. Indulge in some scrumptious bites without counting the calories every time.

A divine treat for your taste buds without the fear of calories is now possible right at home! Just try these easy-to-make, yet delectable low calorie food recipes.
Pineapple Custard

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Pineapple Custard
Ingredients: Fresh pineapple rings-4, Water 100 ml , KalTame 3 teaspoons, Pineapple custard Powder-2tablespoons, Milk 250ml, Dry fruit-1 Tablespoon.
Method: 1) Cook Pineapple rings with water and KalTame for 5 minutes on slow heat.
2) It should retain some juice at the end.
Custard: Mix the custard powder, KalTame and milk, stir it continuously on slow heat till the mixture thickenes. Take 4 bowls. Place pineapple rings along with some juice in each bowl, Put custard over it. Decorate with dry fruits.
Tips: Decorate with brown sugar syrup or decorate it with mango, fig or Jelly made with KalTame.
Pineapple Custard
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